Larbert High so far!!

Hi!! Its the second day of Larbert High and it’s going well so far. I’ve met new friends and Anna’s coming up to ma class!!! We have been going to the hub for lunch. My favourite teacher is definetely Mr Fraser, hes so funnee! I love home economics, we made cakes. I love high school so far! Its great but i’m scared I might get lost in August when I come up. All of the fifth years bully yooh though. Thats not nice.

Me Me Me!!!!

Age:  elevenyears old

Hobbies:dancing,singing and acting =D      dancing dancing

What i look like:blond hair,medium height.

Friends:Chloe,Anna,Bethany,Ainsley,Rhiann,Nina,Fraser and loads and loads moree =P  friends friends

A little more about me:I have a little brother called Keir.I’m moving up to Larbert High School in August and my fav foods are chocolate(obviously),pizza,McDonald’s..YUMMEE!mcdonalds

Hot Chick

There is this film I really like called Hot Chickhot chick.It’s about cheerleader who steals these earrings from a shop but she drops one and this robber wears it.She sleeps overnight and so does he.The robber is transformed into the cheerleaders body and the cheerleader is transformed into the mans body.It’s a great film and I recommend anybody who likes funny films to watch it.

My Show

As you already know I go to a school of performing called Stageworx.Not that long ago we did a show,it was great fun.I am in the intermediates,we did a dance called tail feathers.We also did the Cats the musical.

.I also did a little solo part called Mrs Abernethy.Our show was really fun!!!

What should I be?

Our class,P7V had a visitor,Miss Hart.Miss Hart is a journalist,she told us alot about journalism its made me think.I love performing but journalism sounds quite fun.My passion is to perform as I love singing.dancing and acting but if anything goes wrong and Im not able to perform,I’ll consider being a journalist.Just as my friend nina said in one of her posts there are so many desisions!!!!